5 Exercises For A Lazy Girl

Some women are so obsessed with having a fit and toned body that they work out more than they should, while there are other girls out there who are just too lazy to even lift a dumbbell, like me and just stay home with their Kendal Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine HB-SF02. But don’t worry too much about that, go on your pace with getting fit and healthy. To help you overcome  procrastination, here are 5 exercises a lazy girl can do even on her bed:

  1. HIP RAISE – Still laying in bed like your contemplating your life and what you can do? While doing that why don’t you do some exercise like hip raising, just lift your hips then lay down again, do this exercise 5-10 times until you figure out what to do next with your life.
  2. COBRA – Have a habit of sleeping on your tummy? Then this exercise is for you! Just arch your back (90 degrees) like your stretching as you wake up, you just have to do this 5-10 times until you can finally get up from the bed and start your day.
  3. PILATES SIDE-LYING LEG LIFTS – For a lazy girl like me, this easy since all we have to do is lift our legs and we could even pose like a model! So it’s like you’re lying on your side but you’re too lazy to get up yet so you just lift a leg up and down then you can pose like it’s a photo shoot. Just lift your leg up and down until you get tired and decide to actually stand up and start your day.
  4. PELVIC TILT – Okay so another lazy exercise but helpful! So you just woke up and as usual, you’re too lazy to get up, do this exercise while you’re deciding whether to get up and seize life or be one with your bed. You’re just like arching your back then down, do this exercise until you can finally sit up and decide to make a living.
  5. PILATES MAT SWIMMING – This is interesting, ever dreamt that you’ve gone swimming and your roommate or sister saw you doing some swimming actions while asleep and thought it was funny? Well here, you’re gonna do those swimming actions only difference is that you’re sober. Lay on your belly, extend your arms and legs, inhale and start swimming! I mean Exercising! Just imagine you’re out on the beach and enjoy swimming only difference is that you’re in reality, on the bed, in your room doing swimming actions but as exercise.